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Contract 98/2014, project code PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-2171

Tools for the Integrated Management of Mining Areas and River basins

1 Poster summarizing the results is available here

2 Ecotechnology for the remediation of taling dams, presentations available here and here

3 Health impact assessment in areas polluted with heavy metals, article available here

4 Final report available here.


Executive summary

This is an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary project aiming at producing innovative environmental services and eco-technologies useful for the management of socio-ecological systems contaminated as a result of mining activities. The sustainable increase in the competitiveness of an economy supposes the preservation of an optimal level of quality and quantity of natural capital. A major unresolved problem is the quantification and management of the positive and negative environmental externalities related to industrial activities on a regular, business as usual, base. Solving this problem is a must in order to allow the integrated environmental management (i.e. correlations between the environmental management plans of multiple stakeholders) in large scale units of the natural capital like river basins. For the particular case of the externalities related to contaminated areas there are multiple legislative pressures towards their inclusion in management plans. An estimated environmental services market for risk assessment and mitigation/restoration of mining areas is about 1 billion Euros for Romania, and at least one order of magnitude larger in Europe. In this context, our goal in this project is to produce innovative environmental services and eco-technologies for the quantification and management of the environmental externalities due to a major category of contaminated areas – tailing dams. The innovative environmental services produced in the project are: S1 Cost-effective evaluation of metals’ stocks and their mineralogical forms in tailing dams, S2 Prediction of distribution of pollution hot-spots in the floodplain groundwater in contaminated river basins, S3 Prediction of the distribution of pollution hot-spots relevant for human and species health in the floodplain soil in contaminated river basins, S4 Optimization of the monitoring systems downstream mining areas, S5 Assistance for the integration of organizational environmental management plans based on negative and positive externalities between multiple stakeholders in contaminated river basins. The innovative technology is: Remediation eco-technology based on a combination of native plant species, bacterial inoculum and fungal inoculum and subsurface methods in function of geochemical, geomophological, and ecological setting.

Business case

TIMMAR project will give opportunity to the University of Bucharest to operationalize its policy about spin-offs by creating a consulting company and by making it a successful organization in strategic alliance with the major economic player SC Prospectiuni SA. This alliance will jointly provide environmental services using the patents developed from the results of the project.

Letters of interest from potential clients and stakeholders:

From the Ministry of Economy

From the Ministry of Environment

From the “Romanian Waters National Administration”

From the city of Zlatna administration

From CupruMin S.A. mining company

From RMGC S.A. mining company

From Conversmin S. A. mining closure company