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Environmental services contributed in 2012 with 0.5 million Euros to the business of SC Prospectiuni SA, which is currently less than 1% of the total business. According to the 2012 report of the administrators, SC Prospectiuni SA has adopted a diversification strategy based primarily on environmental services. Currently the dominant sector of activity is geophysical and geological services. The target is to raise the contribution of environmental services to 10 million Euros in the next 5 years, and 30 million Euros in the next 10 year. This accelerated pace assumes that the Soil Directive will be adopted on the short term, as the political signs confirm. Taking into consideration that the majority of geological services provided by SC Prospectiuni SA are related to mining and energy industry, the target will be to become a major player especially on the market of environmental services related to mining and energy industry, where we already have important clients.

In this context TIMMAR project has the role of providing a competitive advantage to SC Prospectiuni SA in two ways:

By devising new kinds of services and eco-technologies allowing an integrated approach in environmental management in mining areas (basins). Such an integrated approach is in tune with the environmental policies existing at European level and will allow addressing public European financial resources, as well as to build and image of a socially responsible company.

By strategic partnership between SC Prospectiuni SA and a spin-off of University of Bucharest dedicated to environmental services involving biogeochemical competence of the human resources (polluted sites management – risk assessment and remediation).

The usual current practice in Romania when a consulting company needs highly qualified experts (also when they participate to public tenders) is to recruit them from the academic community on an individual base. This leads to dissipation of human resources and provides no institutional advantage to universities and institutes of Romanian Academy. If we look at the recommendations of the Research Directorate XII, we find that each university should have “a policy for the creation of spin-offs”, and should encourage “the public research organisation's staff to engage in the creation of spin-offs where appropriate” (European Commission, 2008). This is already a practice in countries such as United Kingdom, leading for some universities to an important additional income (IPOUK 2011).

Thus, TIMMAR project will give opportunity to the University of Bucharest to operationalize its policy about spin-offs by creating a consulting company named Biogeochemistry S.A. and by making it a successful organization in strategic alliance with the major economic player SC Prospectiuni SA. The CO key persons of TIMMAR project as well as other young researchers will become external personnel of the spin-off derived from the University of Bucharest and will not provide their human resource to competing private organizations. This will give a large competitive advantage to the Prospectiuni SA – Biogeochemistry S.A. consortium in tenders. Only this spin-off will have contractual relationships directly with SC Prospectiuni SA, and will share part of its profits with the University of Bucharest. The spin-off will include only a limited number of personnel, responsible exclusively for the business aspects, while the highly qualified expert competence will be employed from the University of Bucharest.