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Senior Researcher Stoian Gheorghe (P1) 56 years, Geological Engineer

Career Path:

 Education (in chronological order): Geology Engineer, University of Bucharest, 1982;

 Positions held: Geological Engineer, SC PROSPECTIUNI SA, 1982 - present

Professional experience in the topic of the project:

Prospecting and geological mapping for useful minerals

Geochemical prospecting (pedo-geochemical and litho-geochemical and "stream sediments") In Romania, Morocco, Senegal

Experimental exploitation of alluvial gold

Geological mapping at various scales

Previous projects related to the present proposal:

Geochemical Atlas for Bucharest – Ilfov Region, assessment of environmental factors – ENVIBUCHARESTMAP, PNCDI 2 Program, Bucharest, 2011

Technical Reports Prospect - regional geochemical maps for the study and monitoring of the environment: Geochemical map of the Apuseni Mountains, perimeters Zlatna, Tisa, Mara, Somes – SC Prospectiuni SA Archive, 2005-2013

Technical Report ONHYM - Geochemical Atlas, Central Morocco and Sahara SC Prospectiuni SA Archive, 2003-2010

Technical Report SC Prospectiuni SA – Geochemical Research for Ni, Cr, Cu, Sn, Nb, Ta​​, Li, Au in the south-eastern Senegal, SC Prospectiuni SA Archive, 2012-2013

Selected list of papers in the subject of the proposal:

I. Chivulescu, Gh. Stoian, I. Seba, N. Nedelea – New data regarding the alluvial deposits from the Aries Valley, Apuseni Mountains. Rom Journal of Mineral Deposits-1998.

I. Berbeleac, M. Arion, I. Chivulescu, I. Seba, N. Nedelea,Gh. Stoian, E. Oprea, L. Mihasan – Fossil and recent alluvial Gold Mineralization in Romania- Rom Journal of  Mineral Deposits-1998.

T. Chiriac, Gh. Stoian – The geochimical mapping-an efficient and rapid solution for metalogenetic investigation and environmental status evaluation, 2009

Senior Researcher Marilena Onete (P2) graduated University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology with the specialization Ecology and Nature Protection. She started her work as student in FP5 and FP6 projects like ERMAS2 (ENV4-CT95-0061) in the work packages dedicated to nitrogen and phosphorous biogeochemistry. Once employed in IBB she participated in many projects and she also run projects national and international financed, EIA studies, set scientific cooperation with foreign institutions based on her competence in plant ecology. She participated as person in charge for IBB with University of Bucharest partner the following projects: Procedure for the phytoremediation and risk assessment in contaminated areas – FITORISC, Procedure for economic assessment of the retention of stable pollutants in river systems – PECOTOX, Modernization of the RD infrastructure for the biogeochemistry of trace elements – INFRABIM. Selected publications relevant for the proposal:

1. Onete M, Paucă-Comănescu M., 2011, Bucharest: in Muller N., Kelcey J.G. (Eds.) Plants and Habitats in European Cities, Springer Verlag, 171-206

2. Onete M. & Mountford J.O., 2009, The Romanian endemic Dianthus gelidus: plant community composition and habitat characteristics. – In: Ivanova, D. (Ed.), Plant, fungal and habitat diversity investigation and conservation. Proceedings of IV Balkan Botanical Congress, Sofia, 20–26 June 2006. Pp. 339–344. Institute of Botany, Sofia. ISBN 978-954-9746-14-3.

3. Neagoe Aurora, Paula Stancu, Andrei Nicoară, Marilena Onete, Florian Bodescu, Roxana Gheorghe, Virgil Iordache, 2013, Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Agrostis capillaris grown on amended mine tailing substrate at pot, lysimeter and field plot scales, Environmental Science and Pollution Research

4. Iordache Virgil, Lacatusu Radu, Daniel Scradeanu, Marilena Onete, Stelian Ion, Ioana Cobzaru, Aurora Neagoe, Florian Bodescu, Denisa Jianu,  Dorina Purice, 2012, Contributions to the theoretical foundations of integrated modeling in biogeochemistry and their application in contaminated areas, in Kothe E, Varma A (Eds) Biogeointeractions in contaminated soils, Springer